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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Oh Blah Blah Retrospective

       Today one of my friends shared a story about how anyone who didn't think Oh Blah Blah was a great president only felt that way because he was black.  Oh brother.  Estase wishes to outline some reasons he thought Oh Blah Blah was a crappy president.  And none of them have anything to do with race.
                 I.  He was the most pro-abortion president ever.  Obama promoted abortion every way conceivable (no pun intended).  He created Obamacare with the sole aim of finding a way to sidestep the Hyde Amendment.  Before Oh Blah Blah, Clinton was the most pro-abortion president ever (partially to hide the ugly fact that he used women like Kleenex).  But even Peace &Love Inc. pretended to wish abortion was rare!  The crowning touch was forcing religious organizations to buy abortion drugs for their employees.

               II.  Coddling radical Muslims and Communists was second nature to Obama.  He turned NASA into a pro-Muslim propaganda organization.  He removed sanctions on the Castro brothers in Cuba.  His appointees went on record praising Hugo Chavez.  (And we all know what great things Communism has done for Venezuela!)

              III.  The IRS scandal.  Obama shamelessly used the IRS as an attack dog against right of center organizations.  People vilify Nixon's use of an Enemies List, but Obama did the same thing, and CNN never devoted a minute of airtime to the scandal.

               IV.  The officer purge within the U.S. military was an unprecedented attack on our military readiness.  The end result is an incompetent Navy, where boats inexplicably end up in Iranian custody, and warships collide with other vessels.

      Lots of politicians end up on Estase's dishonor roll.  Seeing this article made me feel the need to give an accounting of why I didn't like Obama.  Being accused of racism is not something Estase takes lightly.   At the same time, this was the evil genius of leftists:  to make their standard-bearer a person of color, so that anyone questioning their actions could be dismissed as a racist.  If only the right were so cognizant of appearances!  Instead, most conservatives were convinced of the wisdom of making someone who used racial and national scapegoating on a regular basis their standard-bearer.   But perhaps Estase is some kind of racist for not backing Orange Blatherskite?

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