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Sunday, September 03, 2017

Historic Newspaper Extracts

     "So they did; but they {outrages} occurred because nerveless boobies denounced every attempt to suppress them by the strong arm;  because you and your followers sent up a howl of military usurpation every time a federal bayonet was interposed between a helpless victim and his persecutors;  because the bloody massacres in the South were sneered at as fictions of the 'bloody-shirt organs,' and because a constant appeal was made the relief of the poor, down-trodden {southern--ed.} natives, who were exasperated by Republican carpet-baggers."  Inter-Ocean 1878

      "Some Chicago man once said of Jo. Medill, 'that he was too much afraid of street-car talk and corner-grocery criticism.  He everlastingly runs away from the fight just before knocking-down begins;  and so, though he never gets whaled, he never whales anybody.'  Perhaps this is the reason the {Chicago-ed.} Tribune is so little to be relied upon, politically."  Macomb {IL} Journal, 4 APR 1878

      "To I.N. Beaver, Dr. Creel, and Postmaster Cordell, all as good Republicans as are to be found anywhere in the states, we are much indebted for the enjoyment of our visit. . . . We also met with John Downen, 'Pope John,' we once called him, not by way of derision, but because we were led to believe that he held the grangers of McDonough in the hollow of his hand."  Macomb Journal 11 JUL 1878

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