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Monday, November 23, 2009

Catholicism Durbin-Style

"Is that all the church is about, is one issue? For bishops to announce that they are going to penalize Catholics on certain votes I think is. . .reaching too far." Senator Dick Durbin on his opinion of denying communion to lawmakers supporting abortion.

No, it is not one issue. Any time a Catholic feels they cannot follow the Church's teachings on any subject, whether it is abortion or their own personal sin life, that Catholic has NO RIGHT to recieve the Eucharist. This is not a new teaching, and it is not just abortion. Committing a mortal sin (and voting for abortion is a mortal sin) makes you unqualified to recieve communion. Look at a catechism sometime, Senator.

It is disturbing that anyone calling themselves Catholic would think that they are above this basic teaching of the Church. Until the Soros cult takes over the Church entirely, Senator Durbin should not mistake his soft-core socialism for Catholic teaching.

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