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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The People's (Republic?) Pope

       In the 90s epic Braveheart, Edward I (played by Patrick McGoohan) opines, "The problem with Scotland is that is a nation of Scots."  In other words, Edward I chooses to deal with a people who won't knuckle under to him by replacing them with English colonists, extermination, and prima noctae, an antique custom allowing the local noble to rape newlywed women.  In much the same way, contemporary politicians choose to replace their populations with more pliable ones.  In about 40 years, the United Kingdom, with its capital city of Londinistan, will cease to be a nation of English, Welsh, and Scots.  It will instead be a colony of Pakistan.  (Relish the irony.  Britain colonized India, and now the reverse is happening!)  Our own politicians prefer the Hispanic to replace us with.
       Senator Ted Cruz gave a speech today where he called upon Vatican City to welcome unlimited numbers of poor Africans.  The Vatican, Mr. Cruz opined, has nothing separating her from the poor of Africa but the Mediterannean.  She has artwork valued at millions of Dollars.  Surely St. Peter's Basilica could accomodate thousands of poor people?  Why should Pope Francis turn a cold shoulder to these people?  Jesus was impoverished.  We are admonished to welcome the stranger and embrace the poor.  If Vatican City itself cannot accomodate the poor of Africa, perhaps the Italian government, which has always been a model of efficiency and solvency, could take in these people?  Perhaps some of them might carry exotic diseases like Ebola that they could share with the people of Italy?

        What, you say that what Italy and the Vatican do are none of America's business?  Why, Pope Francis seems to think that what the United States does is his?

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