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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Waxman-Geschwind and the Mad Genius

       Estase was reading An Anthropologist on Mars by Oliver W. Sacks, which is about neurological problems.  Chapter Five of the book deals with Waxman-Geschwind syndrome.  Also known as temporal lobe epilepsy, Waxman-Geshwind syndrome causes obsessional thinking about matters of morality, and gives its sufferers a sense that they are on a mission.  Co-discoverer Norman Geschwind believed that Crime and Punishment author Dostoevsky had the condition.  Author Eve LaPlante suspects author Walker Percy has it.  Whether Estase also suffers this is anyone's guess.
         The next thought is whether being obsessed with morality is a bad thing.  Is Waxman-Geschwind syndrome normal, and everyone else is abnormal?  Were the Old Testament prophets Waxman-Geschwind sufferers?  Lastly, is it a problem when artists have a condition that inspires their greatest work?

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