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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sci-Fi Bruce Rauner

       The person who won the primary for Illinois Republican candidate for governor is making me think science fiction.  No, Bruce Rauner isn't 85% android, he can't see through brick walls, and he doesn't have a jet pack.  He just reminds Estase of movies like "Return of the Body Snatchers" and "Village of the Damned."  You see, Mr. Rauner is a recent convert to Republicanism, having spent years supporting candidates like Disturbin' Dick Durbin and being personal friends with Rahm "The Borg" Emmanuel.  Estase admits that before finding out the previous facts, the fact that endorsed Bruce Rauner, even he was tempted to think the blond boy with glowing eyes was fathered by humans.  All I need to hear is that he can read my mind for me to think I really am in the 60s sci-fi classic.
       Is it really a problem that a self-described "social liberal" beat out real conservatives Kirk Dillard and Bill Brady?  One is tempted to think that Illinois Democrats are so politically invincible that the only way to beat Pat Quinn is with one of the children of the damned.  But we will know we are in trouble if Rauner is elected and, as in the classic Twilight Zone episode, we find out "I want to serve Illinois" means he intends to serve us for dinner.

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