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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Two Hyde Parks

  In 1866, a group of working class protestors of the Reform League broke down the fences to protest in Hyde Park.  The event was an inspiration to Matthew Arnold's writing of Culture and Anarchy.  Another blow to established authority began with the campaign of someone from another Hyde Park, the lefty enclave in Shiitown.  This Hyde Park socialist, Barack Obama, has been dismantling everything from the free exercise of religion to the constitutional protections against unreasonable searches and wiretapping.  Yes We Can!  If only we couldn't!  Americans have sold their liberty for a SafeLink cell phone. 

       Rachel Maddow, the male impersonator on MSNBC, has derided Republicans as the "party of aggrieved white people."  Perhaps we're aggrieved because it is easier for a schoolgirl to get Plan B emergency contraceptive than a Tylenol.  Perhaps we're aggrieved because the U.S. Army has called Catholics "religious extremists."  Being aggrieved is a symptom, not a natural characteristic.

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