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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stop Bein' Greedy

Bobby Rush on the floor of the House looked like DMX in the video for "Stop Bein' Greedy."  It is so typical for a Chicago legislator to resort to cheap theatrics.  Which may explain why Illinois is the most broke state in the union.  "Two glowin' red eyes/everything else is black."

A liberal legal blog now bemoans the fact that unelected SC justices are poised to overturn a democratically created law.  Which is a fine objection, had the same liberals been consistant enough to feel the same way about courts overturning laws (pornography, traditional marriage, etc.) that their opponents created.  The fact of the matter is that liberals are fine with courts overturning democratically created laws, so long as those laws are "prudish," "heterosexist," or "patriachal."  The same people that created a constitutional right to privacy out of thin air now object to the Supreme Court they have used to their own ends since the FDR years.  "Y'all have eaten long enough now/stop bein' greedy."

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