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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Can You Be Half-Secular? had a strange article by Mary Elizabeth Williams, entitled "Where Are All the Normal Christians," which might have been entitled, "Where Are All the Liberal Christians?"  Williams attacks Rick Santorum by saying something along the lines of, "As a Catholic, most people associate my church with child molesters and Rick Santorum," which sort of implies (I think) that she thinks Santorum is about as reputable as a child molester.  She goes over the moon to say that, even though she claims to be Catholic, she sees nothing wrong with birth control.  But, I have to admit, she did actually make some good points.  She sees grace and forgiveness as important parts of faith.  And she did find fault with those on the left, who with Dr. Dawkins, dismiss all people of faith as ignorant rubes.  The only problem is, Ms. Williams fails to see that people on her ideological side usually do see religious people as ignorant rubes, and they see objecting to birth control as a perfect example of being an ignorant rube.  So she concedes half the point just in the fact that she herself sees contraception as being the mark of sophistication.

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