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Monday, March 12, 2012

Restore-DC-Catholicism: Some Thoughts Regarding The Archdiocese's Disgusting Treatment Of Father Guarnizo

Restore-DC-Catholicism: Some Thoughts Regarding The Archdiocese's Disgusting Treatment Of Father Guarnizo
In addition to this link, Estase includes the following quote from Mark Steyn's NR column entitled "The Church of Big Government":   The Catholic hierarchy's fawning indulgence of the Beltway's abortion zealots and serial annullers is not reciprocated:  The Church of Government punishes apostasy ever more zealously.  The state no longer criminalizes a belief in transubstantiation, mainly because most people have no idea what that is.  But they know what sex is, and, if the price of Pierre Trudeau's assertion that "the state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation" is that the state has to take an ever larger place in the churches and colleges and hospitals and insurance agencies and small businesses of the nation, they're cool with that.  North of the border, motoring around the once-Catholic bastion of Quebec, you'll pass every couple of miles one of the province's many, many churches, and invariably out front you'll see a prominant billboard bearing the slogan "Notre patrimoine religieux-c'est sacre!"  "Our religious heritage-it's sacred!"  Which translated from the statist code-speak means:"Our religious heritage-it's over!"  But it's left every Quebec community with a lot of big, prominantly positioned buildings, and not all of them can be, as Montreal's Saint-Jean de la Croix and Couvent de Marie Reparatrice were, converted int luxury three-quarter-million-dollar condos.  So to prevent them from decaying into downtown eyesores, there's a government-funded program to preserve them as spiffy-looking husks.

Apparently, Cardinal Wuerl wishes for his diocese to be like these Canadian Catholics-- a quaint and accomodating anachronism.  Steve Kellmeyer blogged last week "Snips and Snails and Rattlesnake Tails" that the only reason American Cardinals are upset about the Contraception Mandate is because it means none of them will have any chance at being Pope now.  The treatment of this parish priest lends support to this theory.

George Neumyer at The American Spectator says Fr. Thomas Reese, a Jesuit (insert joke here) called for Wuerl to send Fr. Guarnizo to the Gulag.  Cardinal Wuerl is influential in Rome, and according to Neumyer, he reports unfavorable press to the Vatican.  Mommy, make the mean people stop saying bad things about me!  Waaah!  This is the kind of guy the Pope gave a red hat to!

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