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Friday, March 31, 2006

The Big Exception

Shame on Cardinal Mahoney for advocating the continued influx of illegal Mexicans into America. Estase is Catholic, but has little use for people who flaut our immigration laws. The blacks and poor whites of America are sick of losing their jobs to people who 1) aren't here legally, and 2) often can't (or worse, don't want to learn to) speak English. There are quotas on how many Asians can enter America, how many Africans can enter America, and how many Europeans can enter America. The Mexicans, right now, are the big exception to our immigration laws. Estase is also Irish, and is aware that there are large numbers of unemployed Irish people. Estase opposes letting an unlimited number of Irish people enter America, and it's not because he hates Irish people, or he mistrusts Catholics. There are only so many jobs for Americans, and they should go to people who are legally here. People like Cardinal Mahoney don't speak for all Catholics.

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