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Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Fine Romance

The carriage of Penelope de Auge creaked along the road, when it was stopped by a knave on horseback. The knave said, "I am Hez B. Allah, and get out of the carriage, you foul wench!" Penelope shouted, " I will not. I am not the daughter of a servant girl. My trust is in the Almighty and in my suitor, Delbert D. Enyo." Delbert D. Enyo was very wealthy, and found Penelope so charming, he took care of all her material needs. He was not very romantic, and some questioned why he felt such loyalty to the house of de Auge. After all, his friend Brit Tania was the only of D. Enyo's friends who would stand by him if the house of Allah challenged the de Auge family. Only a few years ago, one of the house of Allah had shot Delbert twice, for which reason Delbert called the house of Allah evil, and began to burn the family's lodgings, and try to imprison those of Allah who called for the death of deAuge and Enyo. Because Enyo was very strong, he was able to defend himself, but Delbert's own family questioned the wisdom of imperiling the whole house of Enyo over Delbert's infatuation with Penelope. Others in the house of Enyo questioned the propriety of this conflict because they wished to see the death of the house of deAuge almost as much as they hated Delbert. Delbert was compared to Napoleon because the rebels of Enyo actually admired the daring and cunning of Hez B.Allah. One rebel actually compared Delbert to Hez B. Allah, and others hoped that they could dislodge Delbert from power so they might end the war on the violent men of Allah. Delbert sent his assistant Saccharina to tell Penelope to hold back her men of war, that further violence with the house of Allah, because he knew that the rebels would take away his sword gladly, even if it meant the house of Allah would vanquish the house of Enyo.

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