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Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Last Fool

This blogsite will either supplement or replace Aristotelian Moments. Aristotelian Moments has been a place for me to vent my spleen for a year now, but no one ever seems to visit it. Maybe the name is too serious or ponderous to seem accessable. Denique Fossor is Latin for "final fool", and I chose the name because I feel that I am unique in my brand of retrospective christian thought. I don't really seem to create a Republican site (though I am) or a Catholic site (though I am) . Also, I recently noted an athiestic site that claimed to be "rational." I take pride in being logical, but if to be rational is to be athiest, I am definitely not rational. May God bless all the blogs and all the people who read them. (Take that, athiests.)

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