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Monday, August 01, 2016

Mrs. Daesh

       Turkey is the land of destiny for the Middle East right now.  The Daesh will be reinforced or destroyed by Erdogan.  As of now, it looks like Turkey is intending to reinforce the Daesh.  The coup against Erdogan was likely a publicity stunt to serve as a prelude to an Islamist crackdown in Turkey.
       The fight against the Daesh by the U.S. appears to be a paper tiger.  When the Daesh attacked Paris and Istanbul, the official State Department mouthpiece, CNN, was sure to blame Bashir-al-Assad for the attacks.  Assad is one of the leaders fighting for his life against the Daesh, and somehow, he is responsible for the Daesh!  The same network that fed us a phony narrative of how the mean old Serbs were conducting a one-sided slaughter fest against the Bosnian Muslims (then, as now, on behalf of the State Department) is blaming Bashir-al-Assad for his own opposition.
        All the while, Hillary Clinton looks certain to be our next president.  This means certain war with Syria and Russia.  The irony of the current election cycle is that Trump, being an ignoramus and a brute, looks like a warmonger.  All the while, the pantsuited lesbian is the one who really means to start World War III.

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