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Monday, August 22, 2016

Cardinal Bernadin in Hell

       Who bears more responsibility for America's anti-natal attitude:  the Court of King's Bench who legislated from the bench, giving us abortion on demand and the politicians who defended Roe v. Wade; or does a Cardinal in the Catholic Church, who, given the option of condemning abortion or condoning the continued self-inflicted genocide, does the latter by telling Catholics they can in good conscience vote for pro-abortion candidates?  Joseph Cardinal Bernadin is the churchman in question.  His "Seamless Garment" doctrine told Catholics that they could vote for pro-abortion politicians, provided that they were doing so in furtherance of helping the poor, avoiding war, or some other putatively pro-life motive.
       If Harry Blackmon and Warren Burger are roasting in Hell for their role in abortion in America, why on Earth would we not expect God's vengeance for a churchman who keeps Catholics voting for pro-abortion politicians, even as they solidify in favor of abortion?  If Catholics had insisted on less extreme pro-abortion policies from the Democratic Party, we would not be confronted with candidates like Oh Blah Blah or H-> who have 100% ratings from NARAL.  The Catholic Church wasted its influence in American politics.  It could have made America less hostile to the unborn, but made a gelding of itself for some unknown reason.

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