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Friday, April 01, 2016

Fear and Stasis

      It is my conclusion that the Sturmabteilung (SA) has been resurrected, and now constitutes the Citizen Kane campaign.  Estase knows that Keith Olbermann really abused the whole Hitler-analogy thing with George W. Bush.  That being acknowledged, it is hard to think of a political campaign that features a candidate who obviously has not thought seriously about any topic whatsoever.  Nor can one think of a campaign that has encouraged its supporters to engage in violence on its behalf.  Citizen Kane actually offered to pay the legal bills of a man who sucker-punched a protester at a rally?  He keeps his campaign manager even as he's accused of battery himself?  In Weimar Germany, the street battles between the Communists and the Sturmabteilung were one of the signs that Germany was becoming a dangerous, uncivilized place.
       The racial opinions of Citizen Kane have been talked to death, so Estase won't belabor them.  His "platform" is a mishmash of half-thought-through platitudes.  This week's bizarre comments on abortion are not, as his campaign claims, a failure to properly communicate.  They are the result of Trump's utter lack of seriousness.  They are the result of a campaign that literally stands for nothing coherent.  They are pandering, an incoherent idea that someone who doesn't care one way or the other about abortion formulated because either 1)He actually supposes that abortion opponents want to jail women who've had abortions, or 2) He supports abortion, and is ironically making an absurd proposal as a kind of reductio ad absurdum argument for abortion.  People who have been reading Q.E.D. since my first post on the subject (Price?  No Man Can Say!) know which of these Estase prefers.  I believe that the Trump candidacy, from its very inception, is an elaborate ploy by Hillary Clinton to create a bogeyman whose positions are so extreme, and so unattractive, and yet so charismatic, as to draw attention away from legitimate conservatives.  The whole National Enquirer debacle, where the best candidate of the Republican field is derided as "Pervy Ted," who is accused of having multiple mistresses, is a perfect example.  Trump is attempting to destroy a legitimate conservative, not because he wants to be president, but because he wants Hillary Clinton elected president.  By the time Citizen Kane is done making preposterous, unhinged, arguably racist comments, the old harridan from Rose Law Firm will look like a moderate grown-up by comparison.

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