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Monday, April 25, 2016

Awesome Adverts

       Estase has railed against offensive television advertisements.  So it behooves him to give credit where credit is due.  The death of Prince will be mourned by music enthusiasts everywhere, but will also be mourned by those of us who loved Lil' Sweet, the Prince avatar used to sell Diet Dr. Pepper.   These commercials were funny to all of us old enough to remember Prince's heyday.
        Geico Insurance has the best ad agency in America.  Geico's ads are funny and/or cute.  The people at Progressive Insurance, however, are being robbed.  Progressive Insurance has annoying, stupid ads.  The pig on the zip line was genius, as was the swipe at Alec Baldwin where the pig is on an airliner, and is told to put away his phone.  Bravo!
        A company called Slack has created an adorable commercial involving anthropomorphic animals at work.  Estase hopes they air the heck out of this ad.  In a world where vulgarity and gross-outs are commonplace, some ad agencies keep it clean and funny.  Rest in peace, Lil' Sweet.

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