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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Making It Personal

        Many northern abolitionists were reluctantly willing to cooperate with the United States government that allowed southern states to practice slavery.  That is, before the Fugitive Slave Act came along in the 1850s, and meant that even those for whom slavery was an obnoxious evil, returning escaped slaves to their owners was now a legal necessity.  In other words, it was then a legal duty to assist slavery.
       Similarly, many pro-lifers had been living an uneasy truce with the U.S. government between 1973 and the present, assisted by the Hyde Amendment, which prohibited Medicaid from funding abortion.  These people were personally uninvolved in abortion, and were thus individually blameless from the legalization of abortion.  The HHS mandate of Obamacare has changed this.  And, in the same way the Fugitive Slave Act made abolitionists criminals if they refused to return slaves, Obamacare makes pro-lifers finance abortion.  Could slavery have existed many more decades had the Fugitive Slave Act not required people to violate their consciences?  Perhaps it might have.  But one thing is certain.  Either Obamacare will smear the blood on everyones' hands, and thus make everyone an accomplice to abortion, or it will serve to galvanize opposition to a practice that, had this step not been taken, may have existed without the same revulsion.  Either the liberals win, and everybody accepts abortion and infanticide, or we enter an even more acrimonious chapter in the culture war.

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