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Thursday, November 07, 2013


        Loopholes are often used to do that which ordinarily incurs legal or moral opprobrium.  The zombie loophole is a liberal fantasy in which the usual opprobrium attached to the taking of human life is detached by the rationale of "they're not really alive."  (See also, any NARAL argument for abortion.)  So liberals love zombies, because they can be dispatched with a shotgun blast to the head with nary a guilt feeling.  And liberals also love comparing conservatives to zombies.  During the 2012 campaign, Obama surrogates dropped zombie comparisons with Romney supporters.  (Point of fact, Romney was a wolfman, not a zombie.)  Now, Toure (yes, the hombre con un nombre strikes again) compared TEA partiers to zombies.  Now, one might say this is only a case of someone remarking on their resiliency.  Estase thinks it is more like a tacit justification for eventually murdering them.  Remember the 90s film The Last Supper,where the plot was that conservatives are so awful, sending them to the shades was the only remedy.  For every French Revolution, you have to have a September Massacres.

Update:  More signs that liberals would like to kill us.  Item, Ed Schultz refers to the lovely and chaste Laura Ingraham as "that right-wing slut, Laura Ingraham."  Item, Martin Bashir says Sarah Palin deserves scourging and having feces put in her mouth.  The Septembrists are not far off.  Get at me dawg!

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