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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Riding Your Donkey, Or Failing to Do So!

I am not Jewish, but I do recieve the e-mail newsletter from  I learned something from it today.  It gave an anecdote about a Talmudic scholar who was insulted while riding a donkey.  The article said that in Jewish stories, riding a donkey is a symbol of being perfectly in control of your bodily desires.  Wow!  So when Jesus rode into Jerusalem astride an ass, he was doing more than avoiding walking;  he was using a rich symbolism too.  With the present scandal involving a certain NY congressman, many have basically seen this as a political goldmine who should see it instead as a cautionary tale of human sexuality run amok, which is something we saw with Newt Gingerich too.  Many if not all men have very serious issues with sex.  Not all of us go as far as lecherous pols do, but I often think of that Mellencamp song "Paper on Fire" as one of rock and roll's most insightful comments on how sex can destroy your life.

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