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Monday, June 06, 2011

The Primrose League Versus Palin

This blog is not written in mindless adoration of Sarah Palin, as she has done things I don't particularly approve of, such as supporting pro-abort Republicans.  It is, however meant to comment on the adversarial attitude of George Will and Charles Krauthammer towards her.  I used to really respect George Will as an educated conservative.  During the years of Bush 43, I started to realize that Will has not liked any actual conservative politician in my lifetime.  Will did not like Reagan.  Will did not like Bush 43.  Will did like William Weld, who was so far to the left he scarcely deserved to be called a Republican at all.  George Will continues to write for Newsweek, which has devolved into a leftist propaganda organ.  (Remember their cover, which declared "We are all socialists now?"  And the hit pieces they have done on Palin?  Time is no better, with their smear on Benedict XVI.)

Krauthammer is somewhat better, but Estase remembers a letter full of bile Charlie wrote the venerable William F. Buckley that was reprinted in the latter's Right Reason.  Krauthammer seems to be the voice of RINO respectability, and like Will, a Republican that the Joe Kleins and Eric Autermans can feel comfortable with.

The combination of Will and Krauthammer are the modern equivalent of the Disraeli cult who called themselves the Primrose League.  Palin is not my idea of a perfect statesman, but the likes of Will and Krauthammer have no constructive alternative.

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