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Saturday, December 12, 2009

On and On They Go

I've been thinking it over
So many times they say you've got it made
They never understand the answer lies within your soul
'Cause nobody knows which way the coin will fall, or not at all
Big wheels turnin'

Save it for a rainy day
For when the cold wind blows to see how they run
I thought they'd know
I tried my best, all I could do
But somehow it was not enough for you
Big wheels turnin'

I remember the days and nights
A lonely light that shines upon the window
I see it all so clear, the tenderness, the silent tears
Out there in the pourin' rain
Through cold dark winter's days I see you standing there
I see the big wheels turning
Never ending
On and on they go

I think I'm going home
Think I'm gonna have to start again
It's rather sad
I looked around
Can't seem to find
Whatever's always rolling through my mind

Refrain repeated

"Big Wheels" by Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra

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