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Monday, August 14, 2017

What in Hell Do I Entitle This?

       Der Sturmer, the namesake of this website was the newspaper of the SS.  I literally don't know how to express the shame that Orange Blatherskite should feel right now.  Between this and O.B.'s bromance with Steve Bannon, it seems that the alt-Right has shown its true colors.  The terrorist attacks by Neo-Nazis and the Klan should have been immediately denounced.  Trump should have gone on TV to address the nation Saturday night.  This garbage needs to stop forthwith.  I don't know how stupid O.B. is that he didn't realize that Daily Stormer is pro-Nazi.  If he knows history this little, I tremble for the fate of our nation.  The alt-Right needs to be exorcised from both our nation, and from the Republican Party.  Charles Sumner is spinning in his grave right now.

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