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Thursday, June 01, 2017

Goodbye, Weather Channel!

       Estase has been a longtime fan of the Weather Channel.  In the last three years, it has become clear that TWC has become a hotbed of carbon dioxide hysteria.  I gave up on the otherwise interesting Weather Underground program because its politics are too much like their namesakes'.  The tipping point has been reached today.  TWC actually broke into their weather coverage to propagandize (with Bill Nye, sodomy guy) about the decision by Orange Blatherskite to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Accords.  Hey NBC, why don't you keep your politics on MSNBC?  Maybe those of us who want to make sure we don't get rained on could care less what former childrens' TV stars think about carbon dioxide.  They actually acted as though the fact that corporations which would never need to burn fossil fuels endorsing the Paris Accords was some sort of compelling argument for them.  No, I'm not surprised that the commies at Starbucks want us to stick with the Paris Accords.  Perhaps TWC needs to see a drop in viewership to get them to lay off the politics.

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