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Monday, April 24, 2017

Get Outta My Way Johnny, I'm Gonna Spit!

       This is a post apropos of everything, and nothing at all.  Its title is a quote from the 1931 movie Scarface.  Above is a gratuitous shot of Zooey Deschanel.
        How on earth did we get to this juncture?  Years of dumbed down schools, years of politicians promising the moon, and delivering steaming piles of crap.  A GOP establishment that is a solopicism:  fundraising on a set of values, while in actuality accomplishing next to nothing.  A set of people (often entrusted with platforms where they pretend to speak for conservatives as a whole) like Rush Limbaugh, jumped on board with a New York progressive with no political experience.
        And the result?  A presidency that seems even more like amateur hour than the Clinton White House.  (And that's saying something!)  A putatively conservative network where their lead broadcaster has been sacrificed to the Gods of Feminism!  (Don't get too emotional about O'Reilly--just regret that it wasn't Hannity.)  It all makes you want to say, as Cicero did, "What times!  What values!"
      Only, the current crop of conservatives remind me more of 30s gangster movies than they do of Marcus Tullius Cicero.  Indeed, Paul Ryan is making me feel like quoting Little Caesar, played by Edward G. Robinson:  "I guess that's what I get for liking a guy too much!"  Oh, for the pigshit Irish gunman Tom Powers, who was so pugnacious in The Public Enemy that he went on a suicide mission against Schemer Burns' gang even though his boss wanted him off the streets.  Tom Powers' fighting spirit is only seen in the Freedom Caucus;  unfortunately, O.B. wants them to end up the same way Tom Powers did--dead at Mother's front door.   Tommy gun heroes are so much more likeable than gutless politicians.

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