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Monday, August 10, 2015

Citizen Kane Intervention

       Suppose a liberal was very rich, and a close personal friend to the Clintons.  He has made himself a recognizable celebrity with a no-nonsense reputation.  Suppose also that he has never said anything that would be classified as conservative more than two years in the past.  Is it reasonable to think that he might spout some incendiery pseudo-conservative bunk about illegal aliens as part of an attempt to divert attention away from credible conservatives with a real chance of winning?
          Some conservatives need an intervention when it comes to Citizen Kane.  Unfortunately, this group includes talk show hosts like Michael Savage and Mark Levin.  Donald Trump has never been elected to a school board.  He has never been mayor of a town.  He certainly has never been in Congress or the Senate.  What makes anyone think his policy ideas are worth 2 cents?  Trump's supporters have focused their attention on Fox News and Megyn Kelly, as though they are involved in some kind of left-wing plot to get Hillary Clinton elected.  Bullshit!  There's no nicer way to put it.
         Is Dr. Ben Carson a liberal?  Is Rick Santorum a liberal?  Is Rand Paul a liberal?  Is Ted Cruz a liberal?  Estase just listed four candidates, all with conservative reputations extending further back than two years.  Two of these men are members of the Senate.  Another is a veteran Congressman.  All but Dr. Carson have actually made laws and policy.  It isn't a credible claim that there are two Republican choices, Jeb Bush and Donald Trump.  That's an absurd false dichotomy.  It's also a prevalent theme of Trump supporters.   Donald Trump is a liberal buffoon who is taking well-meaning conservatives for a ride by pretending to be something he isn't.

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