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Sunday, March 08, 2015

The Court Party

        Two internet stories present themselves regarding the 60th anniversary of the Selma march.  The first is that the NYT edits George W. Bush out of the photograph of present-day commemorators.  The second is that Mediaite calls out John Boehner and Mitch McConnell for not attending.  Now the obvious conclusion is that if the New York Times edits out Republicans attending Selma, there is no point in Crying John and The Turtle attending anyway.
         The penetrating commentary will be that it is pointless for Boehner and McConnell to pretend to care about liberty while they allow Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to run roughshod over them.  Loretta Lynch, even worse than Eric Holder, is almost certain to be confirmed as AG.  When exactly is the esteemed John Boehner to act as though budget decisions are actually in his hands (as they are)?
          In Illinois, our only Republican Senator, Mark Kirk, is more concerned with gay marriage than with keeping the leftist extremists out of the Federal judiciary.  My congressman, Aaron Schock, says that Apple Computer informed him how important amnesty is.  Then he sends out fundraising letters where he pretends that he opposes amnesty.  And all the while, Congressman Schock has spent millions decorating his offices to look like "Downton Abbey!"  No better analogy for these Republicans exists than the Court Party Whigs, like Robert Walpole, so comfortable with their ministerial privilege that they forgot what Whigs typically believed.

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