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Saturday, February 07, 2015

Don't Monkey With a Buzzsaw

           At the same time Islamist hordes threaten to take over the Middle East entirely, Secretary of State "Red" John "of the Battles" Kerry is greatly exercised over the war for Ukraine.  When the Russian aggression against Georgia caused George W. Bush to harshen our relationship with Russia, Red John and his cohorts pointed to the friction as a sign that Bush was a "cowboy," and too reckless in his dealings with Putin.  The idiotic Hillary Clinton tried to "reset" our relationship with Russia through a mind-boggling reference to a Staples office supply commercial that was certainly unknown to Putin.  Adding even more idiocy to an already dumb idea, a bonehead at Foggy Bottom mistranslated the word "reset" into Russian. ( Note to General Services Administration:  When hiring Russian translators, try to pick people who at least pulled a "C" in Russian class.) Vladimir Putin obviously learned quickly that the Obama Administration were the gang that couldn't shoot straight, more interested in soundbites and publicity photos than in seriously addressing the territorial ambitions of Russia.  Red John of the Battles is a fitting successor to Clinton.  An aging leftist who denies ISIS is Islamic will do no better than a frumpy, narcissitic opportunist like Hillary Clinton.
            Unlike ISIS, which is a threat to every civilized nation on earth, Russia is only interested in maintaining its hold on old Soviet territory.  While not optimal, one should remember that Franklin Roosevelt basically handed most of eastern Europe to Joseph Stalin during World War Two.  If the Baltic states, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Albania, and Poland were essentially Russian property circa 1945, it beggars the mind why Ukraine should not be.  In a perfect world, the United States would delay the reassembly of the Soviet Union.  Given the present circumstances, it makes much more sense to use our limited military resources to attack ISIS.  Irritating the Russian bear makes as much sense as ballooning the public debt and flooding the country with illegal immigrants.  Which is to say, this is what Oh Blah Blah will probably do.

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