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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Urbana Foreign Policy

     Forgetting your place as a city might mean creating a parallel foreign policy, as Urbana, Illinois did in the early 2000s.  That bespoke a grandiosity and mistaken importance one might also attribute to President Obama.  Now, of course, unlike Urbana, President Obama has the legal authority to create American foreign policy.  It's just that Obama's foreign policy is as irresponsible and silly as what one might expect from Urbana.
      Before Obama took office, he called Iraq a "dumb" war.  This was before we knew he thought Afghanistan was dumb too;  he just wasn't telling us.  Then he destabilized Egypt, an ally.  Then he destabilized Libya.  Finally, when civil war gripped Syria, Obama played world policeman by vowing he would not tolerate use of chemical weapons.  Because of Bashir al-Assad's client relationship with Russia, Obama was unable to enforce his threat.  Syria would have, no doubt, made Iraq look as though Max Planck and Einstein concieved it.   Urbana does not any longer need to create its own foreign policy.  The official one is crazy enough!
      Update: As of the week of March second, Oh Blah Blah is threatening war with Russia over its actions in Ukraine.  Former Secretary of State Hellery Clinton compares Putin with Hitler.  It is amazing how warlike these peaceniks are.

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