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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Hornet's nest

        Thomas Joscelyn at The Weekly Standard indicates that, contrary to previous claims by State Department officials, Al Qaeda was involved in the Benghazi attack that claimed the life of Ambassador Chris Stephens and three security staff.  Ben Qumu, a onetime inmate of Guantanamo Bay, has now been identified as being among those responsible for the attack, which was claimed at the time to be caused by a YouTube video, but is now thought to be linked to the Obama administration's arms smuggling to Syrian rebels.
         The Syrian nonsense has thus claimed four lives, and would have cost the United States far more had President Obama persisted in his intended goal of military action against Russia-supported strongman Bashir al-Assad.  The United States is overextended, both economically and militarily, and still shows no basic understanding of its limits in the twenty-first century.  We foolishly destabilized Egypt and Libya, and were we not checked, we would have stirred a hornet's nest in Syria.  Benghazi is proof that, even when one forbears smashing the hornets' nest, it may yet be stung.

Update:  Al Qaeda flag once again flies over Fallujah.  So much for Bin Laden's death being the end of the road for Al Qaeda.

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