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Sunday, December 01, 2013

Limbaugh Jumps Shark

        Ludwig Wittgenstein gave us the memorable admonition to speak not about that which we know nothing of.  Papa Bergoglio has a new encyclical which condemns unfettered capitalism.  Not to be unavailed of an opportunity to be reactive, Rush Limbaugh excoriates the pontiff on not knowing anything about economics.  Now, not having read the encyclical itself (past offerings, such as that of John XXIII, are indeed hostile to capitalism), one might well ask where Rush Limbaugh's PhD in Economics is from?  Is it from the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Thought?  Here's a news flash.  There is no Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Thought.  There's only a rotund high school graduate who makes beaucoup dinero offering up other people's thinking as if it were his own.  And a rotund high school graduate with a Vicodin problem, at that.  Perhaps Pope Francis is talking about something he knows nothing about.  If he is, then he is only one of many guilty of the same failing.  At least the Pontiff doesn't perpetually refer to an educational institution of his own imagining. 

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