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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Genderflection and the Empathy Gap

       Estase believes that political correctness is something that often involves double standards.  Women are usually given consideration based solely on this attribute.  Estase calls this genderflection.  I will use this in context.  The press made great deference to the fact that Ruth Bader Ginsberg was a grandmother.  This was an example of the press genderflecting to a Supreme Court Justice for the virtue of being female.  Justice Ginsberg is an indefatigable supporter of abortion.  So she wishes for fewer women to actually be grandmothers.  But she is female, and by happenstance has grandchildren, so she must be a great person.  Estase loathes it when people say something like, "As a parent, I find it horrible that kids were hurt at the Boston Marathon bombing."  So, if you don't have kids, it doesn't bother you to see kids hurt?  You have to be a parent to have empathy?  That would be like saying, "As a man, I hate seeing a man get a basketball slammed into another man's crotch."  So women don't understand that having a basketball hit your testicles doesn't feel good?

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