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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Dangerous Extremists

"I am a defender of freedom and the American way of life."- from The Army Creed

       With a tip of the petasus to The Gateway Pundit, a training graphic used to train Army reservists in Pennsylvania lists Catholics as "Religious Extremists."  This is a disturbing, and some would say, predictable result of the politicization of the U.S. Army under Oh Blah Blah.  This raises several questions.

1)Who in the command structure decided Catholics are an extremist group?  Is it the official position of the Department of the Army, or of any subsidiary group such as Training and Doctrines Command?

2)Assuming that it actually is the position of DA that Catholics are an extremist group, this raises two related questions.
       2a)Will Catholics be allowed to leave the Army voluntarily, or will they be forced to separate from the Army as a involuntary move to promote the good order of the Army?
      2b) Are Catholic priests serving in the Chaplain Corps to be kept in service, or will the Army remove them as a threat to subvert good order?

       Perhaps the passage in the Army Creed should be revised to read, "I am a defender of modern liberalism and the Obama way of life," as it is becoming increasingly clear that the Army is just another institution of the United States Government hostile to people of faith.

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