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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Palestinian Indians and Irish Arabs

Estase's liberal friend was riffing the other day about how the so-called "Palestinian Refugees" were like the American Indians.  The main differences being Imprimis, That the Jewish people were natives of the land of Palestine:  They were not interlopers who had no history in this area.  Item, The Palestinian refugees left because they were hoping that the five-nation Arab army that entered Palestine in 1948 would exterminate the Jews of Palestine:  After all, why did the Arabs of Palestine leave?  So that the army coming in could kill indiscriminately, knowing that all the Arabs had departed.  The American Indians did not abandon the Western United States in hopes that their fellows would exterminate the homesteaders that they might later return.  Item, the governments of Jordan and Egypt could have easily assimilated the Palestinian Arabs, which they chose not to do so that there would be a large population of displaced people that Arab propaganda could then blame on those evil Israelis, who really should have been wiped out by the five nation Arab army that invaded Palestine in 1948.

My sister has a similar delusion, thinking that Palestinians are like the Irish, people whose land has been stolen by an invader.  This is absurd for much the same reason.  The Irish did not leave their country so that kindred peoples could exterminate their neighbors.  It is really funny to think of the Cromwellian English as having anything to do with Jews, as the Puritans were probably as anti-semetic as anti-Catholic.  If anyone are like the Irish, it would be the Jewish people, whose attempted extermination is worse than the 1848 potato famine.

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