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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why We End Up With Leftist Judges!

Today lying pro-abort Mark Kirk was on The Mary Griffith Show on WTAD Quincy, and opined that confirming judges to the Federal bench was "a waste of time."  Excuse me?  The oversight of our judiciary is a vital constitutional function of the Senate, and hardly a waste of time.  I remember Professor Lino Graglia on Firing Line back in the 90's saying that the Republican choices for the judiciary were often something he was unwilling to apologize for.  The fact that Illinois' junior Senator would say something like this is another sign that Kirk is unqualified and unsuited for the Senate.  The unwritten constitution says that Senators are supposed to be lawyers, and the fact that Kirk is not explains his bewildering disregard for a vital part of his job.

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