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Monday, January 21, 2008

I Heart Huckabee

Rush Limbaugh, whose program ceased to be funny around 2000, has apparently decided to attack Mike Huckabee for the sin of having a campaign worker who called El Rushbo an "entertainer." Heaven forbid someone inject reality into the Republican party! If Rush isn't an entertainer, what is he? Is he a journalist? No. Is he a deep thinker? No. Rush Limbaugh is someone who thinks he can define "conservative" positions, much like Ann Coulter. We're supposed to forget that Limbaugh supported the attempt by the United Arab Emirates to take over port operations. We're supposed to forget that he compares hanging up on callers to the very real evil of abortion. We're supposed to forgive Rush for regularly invoking God as the source of his "talent". Just like Madame Disraeli, Limbaugh seems to think he can tell Republicans what they can and can't support.

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Aaron said...

The funny thing is, back when I was listening to Rush around 1992 or so, when he was still a conservative outsider taking the Rush to Excellence Tour anywhere people would have him, he called himself an entertainer. He said many times that, though he meant the things he said and thought his message was important, ultimately the show had to be entertaining or people wouldn't listen.

The show was very funny back then, too. At some point, he started being invited to prestigious D.C. functions and being called the voice of the Right, and he seems to have decided that he couldn't afford to just have fun anymore. Worst of all, he became much more partisan, as if he couldn't afford to criticize the GOP, for fear that he'd give the Democrats an election. Just one of the ways power corrupts, I guess.

(Thank you for the comment on my blog!)