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Friday, September 22, 2006

Don't Have Any Opinions, Or Else!

I don't think Benedict XVI can win for losing, as Estase's mother would say. He has been vilified simply because he was born in the wrong country. He has been characterized as an illiberal bully. The newest attack is even weirder. Because the Holy Father said Islam was spread by the sword (Just ask an Austrian about how they tried to do that as recently as the 1600s. Just ask Hungary why Janos Hunyadi is famous.), which was not only not intended as an insult, but is actually, ahem, true. Now the left wing blogosphere is busy declaring that the Holy Father is a stooge for the Zionist infidel. OK, let me get this straight, Benedict is a Nazi, and works for the Israelis. He's a German, but shows too much deference to Jews? Have the Islamic bloggers lost their minds? The same people who ask us to forgive the Islamic world's more extreme elements have little forgiveness for Christians.

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